April 26, 2012

100 000 Downloads & What’s Next in Coral City

Lonely Sock team is excited to announce 100 000 downloads of our debut title Coral City. Players all around the world are enjoying building their dream underwater cities and fullfiling quests for the lovely Merpeople. We have improved many features and bugs since the launch because we want the game to be accessible to as many people as possible. Android platform can be a real challenge to develop on due to hundreds of different devices. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your supportive feedback.  Thank you and keep it coming.

And this is only the beginning! We have many new features in the pipeline to make Coral City even more entertaining. The upcoming update 1.06 will bring you all the cool social features that many of you asked for:

  • Leaderboards (Who of your friends has the most valuable city?)
  • Visiting friends, helping them collecting and getting rewards (free energy or squids, anyone?)
  • Request and send resources (Lava, Minerals etc.) as gifts to friends
  • Level cap increased to 35

In the more distant future we’ll bring Coral City to older Android devices with resolution of 480 x 320 and add new languages (what about Korean or German?). And even further down the line, we’ll bring you the iOS version.

Thank you for playing :)



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April 23, 2012

Coral City FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I start a brand new town?

Yes, and it’s quite easy. If you already created account, just LOG OUT in the main menu and follow the instructions in game. Your old town is saved into your user account, so if you log in you can continue playing it. If you didn’t create online account, you must create one and log out from it.

Coral City started to crash. What should I do?

Sometimes it helps to delete local user data.

Go to Settings > Apps, select Coral City and then tap Clear Data (see screenshots).

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Coral City  and tap Clear data

Run the game again. Don’t worry about your old town, it will download from the server again. If it this didn’t help, contact us at  support@lonelysockgames.com.

I would like to play the game but I can’t seem to find it on Google Play (Android Market).

If you don’t see the game on Google Play store, your phone is probably not supported (minimum requirements: resolution of at least 800 x 480, 512 MB RAM, Android 2.2). If your phone has the right resolution – please contact us at support@lonelysockgames.com.

I have an older Android device, will I be able to play the Coral City on it?

Your phone must have at least Android 2.2, 512 MB RAM and 800 x 480 resolution. Right now the game works on following resolutions: 800 x 480, 854 x 480, 960 x 540, 1024 x 600, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 800. We plan to support phones with lower resolution of 320 x 480 in near future.

Why do I need to be connected to Internet when I start the game for the first time?

When you start the game for the first time, we use our servers to generate the world around your city, to check if you have the most actual version and to create your basic, anonymous account on our servers.

I got to level 30 and I no longer get more experience. What happened?

You have reached the level cap. Everything will work the same on level 30. The only difference is that you won’t get any more experience until the level cap is increased. We will continue to increase it regularly up to level 50+.

How can I get free Pearls?

There are several options how to get free Pearls. Every time your city level increases you get 1 Pearl. You can get few Pearls for some quests too, but the easiest way to get more Pearls is to go to the Pearl shop, tap the Earn Pearls tab. You can install other games and do several other easy tasks to get more Pearls.

I have formatted my phone/tablet or bought new one and I cannot log back to my town!

If you want to log into your city from a different phone/tablet or after some serious OS reinstalling, you must first LOG OUT from the old phone/tablet. If you don’t log out, the game won’t let you log in from a different device. If this happened you, you need to contact us at support@lonelysockgames.com.

We are working on a solution to fix this issue.

How do I recover password to my account?

If you’ve forgotten your password, just go to the Log in screen and try logging in with any, even a wrong password. (If you don’t remember your login name, contact our support via e-mail).

The following pop-up will be displayed:

Tap the “Recover” button. You’ll see the following pop-up:

Then check the e-mail you’ve provided at the registration. There will be a message from Lonely Sock “Password Reset”. Click the link in the e-mail. The following website will be displayed:

Enter your new password and click “Set”.

How to give us feedback on the game?

We’re listening to our community! You can contact us through various means:

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February 21, 2012

Coral City Update and Other News

If you were wondering what has been going on in Lonely Sock lately - read on. Actually a lot. Only we are too busy to tell you about it!

The whole team has been working really hard to polish the Coral City for its imminent launch around the world. We were putting extra effort into feedback from closed beta players. Guys (and girls!), your help is very much appreciated. The game looks amazing, you will be surprised how it changed in last few weeks since the beta. The soft launch on Android Market will be happening on a smaller Android Market already next week. Additional territories are going to be rolled out in following days and weeks.

If you look around you will see our brand new stylish website developed by skilled guys from brainz agency. They have done a really good job capturing Coral City and Lonely Sock atmosphere. Together with the website a dedicated Facebook page for the Coral City is now available for you to like on Facebook. It will be the first place to learn about the game’s news.

You can also check a really nice media coverage about Lonely Sock ambitions on national Czech TV main news (Czech only). Don’t worry about mixed up subtitles with names ;) .

Finally, meet a new character from the game – your best new friend without hands and ears – Lyn the Dolphin.

Lyn the Dolphin

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February 15, 2012

We’re Hiring!

After successful Coral City announcement and closed beta launch we need to ramp up the team to stand up to big expectations. We’re looking especially into increasing our engineering power. See below to learn more about open job positions at Lonely Sock.

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February 15, 2012

A Little Less Closed Beta of Coral City – Play Now!

Over 100 invited people participated in the first round of Coral City’s closed beta from a few days ago. The feedback has been invaluable for the game and many improvements has been done since. Thank you all!

UPDATE: Check out the changelog to learn about improvements for the game.

Today we have “a little less closed beta” of the game for you to download right here, right now. We encourage you to try out the game now. Just read the instructions and download the game through the link below. Don’t forget to feedback all the bugs or improvements you’d like to see!

Ms. Snooke has all the details here:

Ms. Snooke

How to Install the Game?

  1. Download the APK file from following URL: http://bit.ly/zRVkYM
    Note: the game is so far running only on Android devices with resolution 800 x 480 and higher and optimized for limited number of newer devices. So, it may not run.
  2. Install the game.
    Note: do not forget check “Unknown sources: Allow installation of non-Market applications” in your device Settings.
  3. Run the game and enjoy the beauty of underwater world of Coral City :)
    Note: You have to be online when running the game for the first time. It’s possible to play offline later on if you want.

How Does the Closed Beta Work?

  • Play as much as you want. Of course the more you play, happier we are :) . If you’re connected to internet we’re getting basic anonymous data about Coral City including crashlogs if the game stopped working due to a bug. If the game crashes, please run it again ASAP - the stored crashlog will be sent to tell us what went wrong.
  • Please let us know what you like about the game and even more importantly what would you like to improve – feedback through this form: http://bit.ly/xalqHt
  • Feedback hereIf you find a bug or any problem, let us know through the same form. Please include what device and Android version you used to play the game.
  • If our team of sea engineers needs to update the game, a pop-up window will announce the new version directly in the game – then just press the link, download the new version and re-install.
  • You will be able to purchase Pearls in the Pearl Shop with real money in future. The Pearl Shop is running in demo mode now, which means you can buy Pearls there once and for free.

Coral City logo

About Coral City
Dive down deep into the world of Coral City and build your own underwater paradise. Experience the vast coral filled world and its colorful Merpeople inhabitants. Coral City puts you in control of Coral City’s destiny. How it will look and evolve is completely up to you!

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January 13, 2012

Coral City Coming Soon to Android

Lonely Sock is thrilled to announce Coral City game today. The first game from our young studio will be available soon on the Android Market.

The closed beta of the game is starting today. Beta testers who subscribed here will be getting e-mail invitation later today. You can still sign-up for the second round of invitations sometimes next week.

Coral City Logo
Now let us officially introduce Coral City

Coral City: Build Your Underwater Paradise
Coral City is a city-building simulation game letting players dive deep underwater to the bottom of the sea to build their own oceanic city. Coral City sets out to captivate the hearts of gamers around the world with lively characters, innovative gameplay, social features and colorful humor for all ages. Players will be quick to notice that Coral City delivers a very original and cute art direction which will set it apart from many other casual titles on the Android platform.

“With Coral City we set out to create a unique, fun and addicting casual title that beginners could pick up and enjoy right away, while delivering deep game mechanics for more experienced casual gamers,” shared Juraj Chrappa, CEO at Lonely Sock. “Our team of talented developers and designers dove in deep and truly made the underwater world of Coral City come to life.”

That’s it for the official part.

And here comes the first screenshot from the game.

Coral City Screenshot

The Lonely Sock team is super excited to finally reveal some details about our project. We hope you like it! If you’d like to give it a test run, sign-up for the second round of closed beta here.

In the upcoming days and weeks we’ll be showing you more from the game.

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January 05, 2012

Closed Beta for Lonely Sock’s debut title

The time has come to show our game to first players around the world in the closed beta. More than 200 players already signed up but we still have a few more open slots. If you want to be part of it, don’t hesitate and fill out the form here. We’re almost at full capacity!

See you in closed beta :)
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December 21, 2011

Dr. Koi is the first character

Dr. Koi is the first character publicly revealed from our still secret game. More characters will be revealed in upcoming days but curious Mr. Sock asks all of them one important question: “How do you plan to spend your New Year’s Eve?”


Dr. Koi: “I don’t like big parties where everyone drinks and bubbles and then get wild. I usually spend the New Year’s Eve with my friend Iliska, drinking tea, in her place. We can’t do it in my place because Madam Snoke lives in my neighbourhood and she has a horrible habit of making terrible noises when the Midnight comes. I suppose she sings but it sounds like rubbing a scrub board with a rubber tube.”

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November 07, 2011

Team Intro (Part 5): Senior Game Programmer

Mr. SockLong time no update. We know but try to get a game programmer answer questions if he’s got task list longer than Chinese Wall! No easy task, but finally we managed and Mr. Sock will introduce you to our Senior Game Programmer code-named Caraorn.

Hello Caraorn! What is your job in Lonely Sock?

I am the game programmer. Programming client side of the game is what they pay me for, but I also make the whole company feeling awkward by my jokes and stories and destroying their innocent souls.

Your extra curricular activities are appreciated, our souls can be possibly enriched. But where are you from and what have you been doing before?

I am from Serbia, but war made my family travel from place to place and now I am in Prague making games. I was making games before and before that I was studing how to make games and before that I was playing games and thinking if I should make games.

Now that’s a story, I guess we have the right guy! What is your favorite color, animal and travel destination?

Red and black. Period. But I like all colors. I love every living creature and find it unique and beautiful in its own way. I guess I don’t really like to travel too often and didn’t see the whole world to say what is my favourite one… but let’s say I really enjoy mountains and Tatras stole my heart long time ago.

Is it fun? Are you enjoying yourself working here?


Crystal clear! Your favorite games?

Lord of the Rings Online, Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, Another World, Dune 1 (yes, the first one not the second), The Elder Scrolls series, and milions others I played. Have quite big list so there is no point writing everything.

Obviously RPG positive like most of us. Cats or dogs?

Cats big time! I love their independance and you have to deserve their love and it is not really easy task. I prefere strong personalites generally. I like dogs as well, but would always get me a cat if I had to choose.

Your other activities aside working in Lonely Sock?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, wives, daughter, games, books, nature, life itself etc.

So we better don’t mess with your wives, right? The final one for you. Your views of life, universe and everything?

There is really not too much space to talk deeply, so I will say just these things: Think and revalue all values with every new piece of knowledge. Be yourself and improve constantly…

Previously on the team intro series:

Team Intro (Part 1): The Lead Game Designer
Team Intro (Part 2): The Lead Artist
Team Intro (Part 3): The Lead Server Programmer
Team Intro (Part 4): Producer


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September 09, 2011

New Open Positions: Game QA/Tester & Client Programmer

We need more people! A little bit earlier than expected but it’s good news. Lonely Sock is working its way to success. This is why we need two more dedicated people to help us develop the best mobile games on the market. Check them out below.

Game QA/Tester

Game Developer C++

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September 01, 2011

Team Intro (Part 4): Producer

Mr. SockToday we have a very special guest in the team intro series. Our Producer position is taken by an experienced and well-known game developer “Tlamiczka” a.k.a Nikola Bornova. Or is it the other way around? She’s got thousands of followers on Twitter, updates a really popular blog and even more hundreds check her G+ Profile. Mr. Sock as much less popular gaming icon was under strong celebrity pressure.

What are you doing in Lonely Sock
My main job is to drink as much coffee as possible. In the short pauses between coffee breaks I do little bit of project planning, production stuff and I try to generate those simple little annoying comments about our game to make it better and to earn chocolate.

We realized that the coffee consumption quadrupled after your arrival. But never mind, anything to make our employees happy! Why did you choose a company with such a strange name?
I chose the Sock even before it got this strangely attractive name. I like to work with smart and friendly people and I got both in here. The name was just the icing on the cake. It would say – it was just the right pair of sock for me.

(Blushing!!) Where are you from and what have you been doing before?
Most of the time you can find me right in the middle of Europe – in Prague. I work on games for so many years I’m unable to count it… did I say I work with numbers now?

What is your favorite color?
I like all colors, it just need to be on the right place. Like a nice white mug with red heart on it, full of sweet-smelling, brown coffee. Yummy colors!

Share with us your favorite picture or video…

http://youtu.be/WlBiLNN1NhQ (Hey, we can’t embedd it here! The video says “embedding disabled by request”. Weird. Then just click on it and Always Look On The Bright Side of Life!)

In a start-up company like us that’s the only way how to look at things :) . Is it fun? Are you enjoying yourself working here?
Wait a minute, nobody told me it’s work! I thought it’s some kind of experiment to let people do what they like.

So… yeah, it’s fun :-)

Do you remember signing some papers before joining? That was the job contract, so yeah it’s work! Really beautiful attitude though. Now tell us, who is your favourite movie character and was his/her socks awesome?
I like grim heroes very much, especially those from strange movies. But sometimes more living character gets under my skin. Like Wall-E who has the most awesome socks of them all, because he can ride them and they make all those funny wzzz and bzzz sounds!

Your favorite games?
I like the games similar to my favourite movie characters – grim, heavy and deep. Like the game about immortal zombie that is looking for his true destiny and for his love. And… well… I like also…


Solitaire! Ok, it’s out! I can’t get enough of it. Those cards… how beautifully they fall when you finish the game…

Solitaire is the real classic, no need to be ashamed. Can you draw picture of you so everybody know who you really are?
Here it is!

Tlamiczka according to Tlamiczka

Ok, it looks like a potato… But potatoes are important too! Not the most nice ones but…well, they are nutritious, ok?

It’s beeeeaaaauuuuutiful. Wow. Maybe we should ask you to do some artist’s work. Cats or dogs?
Dogs! I have two beautiful girl tramps. Argh, I can’t resist, I just MUST show them to you!


Aren’t they sweet?

Don’t they look a bit angry? That look in those eyes… What do you feed them with? But no, they’re seriously super sweet. Bring them to the office some day.

Why do you think your next game will be the most super-awesome-cool one?
Because the most super-awesome-cool team works on it and because our main goal is to make the players happy playing it. So even if something won’t be perfect from the start, we will improve it following the wishes of players.

Exactly. Your other activities aside working in Lonely Sock?
I was kind of a bookworm and I’m getting back to this habit with my e-book reader. I also try to work out and jog to get rid of all the caffeine and chocolate I get in my body during day and night. And did I mentioned my dogs? Here, let me show you their photos!

Yes, you showed us already. Girl, you really must love them! What are your views of life, universe and everything?

I try to see everything as it really is, not as someone told me it is. And I try to follow this song at the same time.

Sometimes it’s quite hard to do both things at the same time. But because I’m working things that I hope will make millions of people happier, it gets easier :-) .

Previously on the team intro series:

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August 26, 2011

Team Intro (Part 3): The Lead Server Programmer

Mr. SockThe last week was pretty busy for Mr. Sock, travelling around half of Europe, he couldn’t actually make it to the interview with a very important person from the Lonely Sock team - the Lead Server Programmer. His name is Jozef. Now Mr. Sock is back online, “funny” as ever and doing his job again.

Mr. Sock: Very standard first question for the start. What’s your job here?

Jozef: I am the server guy. I make sure that game data is stored, sent, fetched, stretched, compressed, unzipped… or whatever else I am told to do with it so data is at the right place in the right time.

Interesting. This gives our followers some hints about the game being kind of online. Man, we have to watch our embargoes! Why did you choose a company with such a strange name then?

You are correct, you will need an internet connection to play properly but that’s all I can say for now… Answer to your question is that I worked so long for very serious companies with even more serious names… and found out that they were not always what one would expect based upon their serious names.

But seriously – I enjoy working with the new mobile technology and when I met this team I knew I would like to work with them.

So far so good. Are you enjoying working here? Is it the coolest job ever?

It is the most thrilling work I ever had. The boom in mobile technologies is starting and we are just in the middle of it. Such opportunity comes only once in a lifetime – to be on the start line with all others with same chances for all.

Who is your favourite movie character and was his/her socks awesome?

Turkish from SnatchTurkish from the Snatch. I kinda like English-style comedies like Bank Job, In Bruges, Layer Cake where everything is very complicated – not to say messy –  and nothing is clear till the very end. 

I love that one! Brad Pitt is a real badass guy there. But still I wonder if cats or dogs?

Dogs – no doubt at all. I have one myself and he is part of the family.

Which reminds me of my other favorite TV series Family Guy… anyways! Why do you think your next game will be the most super-awesome-cool one?

I am somehow just sure it will be… :)   

Your views of life, universe and everything? Try something philosophical.

Hmmm…. not the easiest question in the world but luckily there is an easy answer… just somehow I forgot it. Let me think… it is something along the line to be happy, drink beer, health, make others happy, being in peace with the world… sounds easy – doesn’t it? Or another answer. Try to make the best out of what you have got. Or… be happy and make others happy… actually there might be more answers – pick the one that works for you and make the world a better place :)

Ok, give me a break, I need to think this over. Am I happy, or not? Are others around me happy? Or Not? Kick me next time I ask a philosophical question…

Previously on the team intro series

Team Intro (Part 1): The Lead Game Designer
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August 09, 2011

Team Intro (Part 2): The Lead Artist

Mr. Sock We continue in our introduction series today. Last week’s interview with the Lead Game Designer was a surprising success (OK, maybe not THAT surprising;) so we’re more than thrilled to give you more of us – Lonely Sock’ers. Passing it now to Mr. Sock and Johnny, the Lead Artist

Mr. Sock: What is it that you are doing in Lonely Sock?

Johnny: I am the Artist, I make things not ugly. 

Interesting job description, I like that. Why did you choose a company with such a strange name?

The rest of them sounded so boring.

I’ve heard your English is pretty good! Sounds almost native. How come? What did you do before?

I am from Slovakia, before I chose the path of an artist I worked for various mining companies from all over the place, so English became my first language in the end.

Man, are you SERIOUS? Mining companies!? This team has a really colorful background. What is your favorite color, animal and travel destination?

My favorite color changes quite often.At the moment its grey we are still wire-framing :-)

Favorite animal is Garfield.


Thank you for honest answer! Then please share with us your favorite picture or video…

Hmmmm… wait till the game is finished.

Sure, but this is gonna take a while. Are you enjoying yourself working here?

It’s wicked fun! The team is extraordinary.

Who is your favorite movie character and were his/her socks awesome? 

AL PACINO’s Scarface, I don’t know about his socks but I wouldn’t tell him to his face if I didn’t like ‘em.

Yeah, he’s a badass and his socks weren’t even yellow. Your favorite games?

My addictions are SC II, Team Fortress 2, Tiny Wings.

Can you draw picture of you so everybody knows who you really are?

I can’t draw.

Errrgh (I hope nobody heard it). Cats or dogs? 

Dogs then cats.

Why do you think your next game will be the most super-awesome-cool one?

I am hoping it will be of course, but anything made with that LOVE ingredient is bound to get noticed.

Lovely answer, thank you! Tell us what you do when you’re not working.

Hanging out with my sexy wife, beer gardens, jokes, traveling, games, the Internet.

The last one and probably the most important. Your views of life, universe and everything?

Don’t be an asshole, listen to your mum’n dad! Know yourself!

So this was Johnny, our talented artist that we can’t stop admiring while bringing our game into life. You know Mr. Sock well-enough but we still thank him as well. He’s a very sensitive kind of creature. Till next week!


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August 01, 2011

Team Intro (Part 1): The Lead Game Designer

Mr. Sock
We want to build Lonely Sock into the love brand – the mobile games & entertainment company of a new generation. Global, if you asked how big it would be. For goals that big you need to have a bold foundation in the best team, the A-people from the industry. They are talented, brave individuals who embarked on the quest to build something unique, something great. 

Lonely Sock luckily got them and now wants to introduce them to you. Actually, it’s Mr. Sock who wants to do it. Let’s see, what he’s got to ask them… The first one to be analyzed is our Lead Game Designer, Martin Kolacek.

Mr. Sock: What are you doing in Lonely Sock?

Martin Kolacek: Mostly distracting programmers from work. While they’re using headphones to filter me out, I’m working on game design.

In other words you’re playing games all day long. This seems like a nice job.

This is a dream job!

Yeah!? Thank you. Your favorite games?

Civilization 4, Civ Evolution, World of Warcraft, Armored Princess.

Where are you from and what have you been doing before?

I was born in Brno and moved to Prague when I was 12. After purgatory at the local basic school, I studied a humanities High School (though the main ability I’ve learned there was cheating my parents’ signatures) and Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University where I’ve studied mostly history, psychology and faking my interest to prior subjects .

Then, I was swallowed by Disney Mobile games studio in Prague where I have been working for nearly 5 years as a game designer.

Swallowed, hmm, that sounds scary. Anyway, what is your favorite color, animal and travel destination?

Red, squirrel, Mars.

I wonder if these are somehow connected. Squirrel and Mars are red, right?

Well, yes, the red color mezmerizes me. Some of my ancestors lived in Spain so there is a distinct posibility one of my ancestors was a Corrida bull. But I’ve also been in China and I didn’t like it at all. Probably because it isn’t a least bit as red as I’d imagined. 

Can you draw picture of you so everybody knows who you really are?

Martin Kolacek 

Wow, this looks… really cool… like, very Rastafarian. What do you prefer, cats or dogs?


O.K. that was weird… Next question! Why do you think your next game will be the most super-awesome-cool one?

Because it is being made by a dream team!

This was very correct answer. Your other activities aside working in Lonely Sock?

I’m a storywriter with few already published fiction books.

My latest book is a comedy sci-fi story about a depressed (and very horny) machine. It has been published in English recently (the original is Czech).

It is available for a free download and it can be ordered as a printed version.

Check it here: http://martin-kolacek.cz/en-us/grunt-en

The site also contains some other (mostly Czech) books and short stories.

A famous writer among us? Respect, brother. Now the last one. Your views of life, universe and everything?

I’m an unbearable charity and human-rights activist who spams his friends on Facebook with stories of famine in Northern Africa every other day.

Thanks to Mr. Sock for interesting questions and Martin for the answers, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you have something in mind to ask Martin, do it in the discussion below. We’re sure Martin will find some spare time in his gaming duties to respond. Next week, we bring you another team member introduction.


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July 18, 2011

The Story of Our Logo

Choosing the best logo for Lonely Sock was long and rocky road. But it was worth it! We nailed the final version using the character of Mr. (or Ms.?) Sock. It’s cute, playful and ready for more funny versions which can be tailored to our future games.

See for yourself the many iterations we went through. Some of them are nice and well-done, others not so much but still worth sharing.

The Story of Lonely Sock Logo

And this is the FINAL VERSION. Great job by talented Czech graphic designer Jan Patawa.

Lonely Sock Logo Final

… and Mr. Sock :)

Mr. Sock


BONUS – How are we going to use it on merchandise? (Click for high-resolution version).

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July 14, 2011

Hello World!

Welcome to the blog of Lonely Sock. Testing, testing… Ok, seems like everything works just fine.

We’ll be back soon with more news and content about our young, clever and sexy company. So stay tuned!

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